Chapter 1: Introduction to LEGO Spike
In this chapter, students will learn about the basic concepts and components of LEGO Spike. The teacher will guide the children to assemble a simple LEGO Spike robot and demonstrate how to change the robot's form by disassembling the components. This will help students understand the various possibilities of LEGO Spike and lay the foundation for programming and modeling activities in the following chapters.
Chapter 2: Introduction to the World of Programming
In this chapter, students will be introduced to the world of programming. They will learn basic programming concepts such as instructions, variables, and loops. Next, students will use the LEGO Spike software to write a simple program to control the robot they assembled earlier, making it move forward, turn, and stop. Students will experience the fun and sense of achievement that comes with programming.
Chapter 3: Robots and Sensors
In this chapter, students will learn how to use the sensors of LEGO Spike, such as the distance sensor and color sensor. Students will learn how to program the robot to respond to sensor data, such as avoiding obstacles or following a color line. Additionally, students will try to design a simple robot to complete a sensor-based task, such as finding a specific colored object within a designated area.
Chapter 4: Programming Challenges
In this chapter, students will face a programming challenge that requires using loops and conditional statements to solve problems. For example, students may need to program the robot to find the exit in a maze. After completing the challenge, students will have the opportunity to observe other students' solutions and discuss which solutions are most effective and creative. This will help students learn to evaluate and improve their own work and enhance their problem-solving skills.
Chapter 5: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
Lastly, this chapter will introduce students to the basic concepts and applications of artificial intelligence. Students will learn how to use simple AI functions in LEGO Spike, such as image recognition and voice control. Students will try to add these functions to their robots to complete a simple AI task, such as categorizing based on image recognition results. This will help students understand the real-life applications of artificial intelligence and spark their interest in future technology.

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