The goal of Vinci AI

The goal of Vinci AI is to empower youth to be prepared for an uncertain future. The world of tomorrow is an era of human-machine collaboration, and the next generation urgently needs technological literacy. We provide teachers and parents with essential cutting-edge insights and resources, enabling them to equip the next generation to confidently face the waves of change that lie ahead, as they are the ones most cherished by us.

Curriculum team of Vinci AI

Vinci AI has a top-notch curriculum team, and all courses are designed by a team of experts. The founder of the team, Anthony Chan, is a research expert in artificial intelligence with a Ph.D. in mathematics, specializing in the application of artificial intelligence in the healthcare field. This expert has published numerous papers in mathematics and artificial intelligence, with research findings published in top international academic journals. He has also been invited to prestigious international institutions to exchange ideas and present research results. Dr. Chan also has extensive teaching experience and has served as a mentor for the Mathematics Talent Nurturing Program at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, cultivating the next generation of mathematicians.

Other instructors at Vinci Ai come from renowned institutions both locally and internationally, such as the National University of Singapore, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and the Education University of Hong Kong. They have studied STEM or education-related subjects and have at least two years of experience in STEM course education. Vinci Ai is committed to providing students with an excellent educational experience and nurturing future professionals in the field of technology.