What is AI (Artificial Intelligence)?

Artificial Intelligence refers to the technology that aims to replicate human intelligence through computer programs. In practice, AI does not necessarily require computers to think like humans; it simply requires them to exhibit intelligent behavior.

There are various approaches to enabling computers to exhibit intelligent behavior, leading to different branches and fields within the field of AI, such as the popular one known as Machine learning.The breakthroughs in modern AI have primarily been achieved through machine learning and its subsequent development, deep learning. In certain domains, these advancements have even surpassed human performance, such as in facial recognition and the game of Go.

Currently, only specialized AI systems designed for specific domains have the potential to outperform humans. These systems are referred to as "narrow AI" or "weak AI." The long-term goal of AI, known as "strong AI," is to develop systems that possess general intelligence and exhibit comprehensive intelligent behavior at a level equivalent to or surpassing that of humans. However, this goal has not been achieved yet.