Course topics include:
  • AI music creation
  • Music theory knowledge learning
  • classical music arrangement
  • jazz arrangement
  • Ensemble rehearsal
  • stage performance skills
  • School song AI adaptation
  • School Anniversary AI Theme Song
  • AI creates live performances
Part One: AI Music Creation
  • Understand the basic concepts and principles of AI music
  • Learn to create music using AI tools like AIVA and Music Lab
  • Master basic music theory knowledge (scales, chords, rhythm, etc.)
  • Create personal style AI music works
Part 2: Orchestra arrangement and rehearsal of AI music
  • Understand the characteristics and functions of different instruments in the orchestra
  • Learn to adapt AI music into an arrangement suitable for orchestra performance
  • Orchestra ensemble rehearsal (winds, strings, percussion, etc.)
  • Orchestra score reading and ensemble training
  • Orchestra concert repertoire rehearsal and preparation
Part 3: Jazz adaptation and performance of AI music
  • Understand the basic elements and styles of jazz
  • Learn to compose AI jazz styles
  • Jazz ensemble rehearsal (rhythm, harmony, improvisation, etc.)
  • Stage performance skills training (typhoon, sound, etc.)
  • Jazz live performance rehearsals and formal performances

Course features include

Through collaboration with professional instrument instructors and the integration of technology, we aim to attract students to learn musical instruments.

Professional music industry partners

We believe that musicphile is a high-quality professional music school in the local area. Many of its instructors have completed professional master's degrees in education, including the American Musician Institute (Muisician Institute), the Education University of Hong Kong's Master of Arts in Music Education, and the Hong Kong Baptist University Music Master of Arts, and has rich performance experience and academic qualifications including the Yamaha Asian Beat Asia Championship.

Music Curriculum Director - Matthew Wong

Additional course services

We offer a range of additional course services to meet the different needs of schools and students:

  • School song AI adaptation:Using AI technology to adapt a unique and modern new version of the school song for the school
  • School anniversary AI theme song:Create an AI theme song for the school’s anniversary event to add a happy atmosphere
  • AI created live performance:Arrange students to demonstrate learning results of AI music creation on stage
  • Recording studio rental:Provide professional recording equipment and venues for schools to conduct performance and chorus recordings
  • Adaptation of works:The music production team assists students in adapting to ensure the quality of the work
  • Videos and themed short films:Provide a shooting team to produce creative and inspiring themed short films

We are committed to providing schools with a full range of music education solutions to help schools and students fully explore and demonstrate their musical potential.

Fun AI fact

How does AI assist music creation?

The application of AI in music composition primarily relies on machine learning algorithms, particularly deep learning and Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs). These technologies can learn music styles and structures from vast amounts of music data, enabling the generation of creative and original melodies, chords, and compositions. By harnessing these techniques, musicians can gain inspiration, enhance their creative efficiency, and expand the possibilities of music composition. AI in music composition acts as a collaborator and tool that complements the artistic process, providing new avenues for exploration and experimentation.

The application of AI in music composition includes melody generation, automatic composition, music analysis, style transformation, and sound synthesis, among others. For example, AI can generate complete compositions based on specific styles, emotions, or rhythms, aiding in the rapid creation of background music, game music, or film scores. Additionally, AI can simulate various instruments and vocals, generating more realistic timbres and expressions, providing musicians with high-quality musical materials. In these processes, AI technology not only enhances the creative abilities of musicians but also opens up new possibilities for music composition.

University lecturer teaching team

VInci AI's teaching team is rich in experience, including university teachers who teach master's AI courses in various colleges and universities.

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