AI/STEM on-campus teacher training courses:

Vinci AI教師培訓課程

Main Tutor Qualifications

Anthony Chan

Anthony Chan is an expert in artificial intelligence research with a Ph.D. in Mathematics, specializing in the application of AI in the healthcare field. This expert has published numerous papers in the fields of mathematics and artificial intelligence, with research findings featured in top international academic journals. Dr. Chan has been invited to prestigious international institutions to exchange ideas and present research findings. Additionally, he has extensive teaching experience, having served as a mentor for the Mathematics Talent Nurturing Program at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, nurturing the next generation of mathematicians.

Benny Lam

Benny Lam is a seasoned professional with over 30 years of experience in the IT and AI software development field. He has served as a project manager for multiple large-scale IT vendors and government departments, as well as a team leader and chief consultant. He possesses in-depth expertise in artificial intelligence, digital transformation, blockchain, logistics and supply chain management, cloud development, and financial technology. Additionally, he holds a Master's degree in Parallel Computing from the University of Warwick and has studied Mathematics at the Hong Kong Baptist University. His comprehensive technical skills and profound knowledge of AI make him a leader in the field.

Danny Chan

Danny is a lecturer at the University of Hong Kong with extensive experience in financial risk management, information technology, and data science. He has also served as an IT manager for over ten years. As an IT practitioner, he currently works as a consultant and trainer at a big data consulting service company. Additionally, he specializes in cloud solutions, big data technologies, data mining, and machine learning. Mr. Chan holds a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, as well as a Master's degree in Risk Management Science from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, a Master's degree in Business Quantitative Analysis from the City University of Hong Kong, and a Master's degree in Industrial Logistics Systems from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Here are some of the schools and organizations they have previously served

Oxbridge 國際學校
Kingston 國際學校
POH 80th Anniversary Tang Ying Hei College
HK01暑期AI夏令營 2022


"Our class includes some students with special educational needs (SEN), but our instructor is very patient in teaching and manages the classroom well. In general, students who are taught STEAM subjects don't usually show much response, but after observing several sessions, I noticed that the students frequently ask questions during class. The primary focus of the class is teaching AI, which can be challenging for elementary school students to grasp. However, the instructor uses examples that are relatable to daily life, so most of the students understand the workshop content."

Kevin Chung
Hong Kong Youth Association - Hung Shui Kiu Youth Centre Secretary

Example Title

The Vinci AI Wisdom AI Painting Course provides primary 5-6 grade students with a learning experience that integrates creativity and technology. The course uses professional painting software and AI technology to creatively produce lively and interesting artworks, cultivating students' creativity and skills. At the same time, the course helps students understand basic AI concepts and experience the impact of technology on art. Through exploration, sharing works, students' level of art learning is improved.


The AI art creation workshop taught students to design English storybook covers through the OpenArt platform. This learning approach that combines creativity and technology can stimulate students' imagination and creativity. By using AI drawing tools to present "imagery" and even "ambience" through "metaphor", it is an inspirational and practical teaching activity.


The instructors wholeheartedly teach students about AI knowledge, making the content relatable to real-life scenarios. The instructors also establish a friendly and enjoyable rapport with the students. The majority of the students are able to grasp the workshop content and benefit greatly from it.

Teacher Yip

Example Title

This academic year, our school's Chinese teachers participated in a series of five workshops titled 'How AI Can Promote Interdisciplinary and Chinese Language Teaching in Primary Schools' organized by Vinci AI. The teachers' feedback was positive, with the course content focusing equally on theory and practice, being highly practical and applicable for immediate use in unit inquiry lessons and Chinese language teaching. By utilizing AI as a teaching tool, it can enhance the effectiveness of teaching and learning.


Example Title

The company provides excellent STEAM education. The mentors are professional and the AI curriculum is thorough. With a teaching approach that is meticulous, patient and fully meets the needs of secondary schools.

Teacher Yang
Head of PLK Ho Yin Tung Secondary School