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Fun AI fact

What are Maqueen Plus and Huskylens? What is their relationship with AI?

Maqueen Plus is a programmable robot platform developed by DFRobot, targeting the STEM education field. It features rich hardware expansion interfaces and is compatible with multiple programming languages such as Scratch, Python, and C++. Maqueen Plus is designed for educational practices to assist students in learning programming, robot design, and creation, fostering innovative thinking and practical skills.

HuskyLens is an AI vision sensor developed by DFRobot. It integrates artificial intelligence technology and enables functions such as face recognition, object recognition, color recognition, and tag recognition. HuskyLens can be combined with robot platforms like Maqueen Plus to provide intelligent visual capabilities to robots, further expanding the application scenarios of robots in STEM education.

The relationship between Maqueen Plus and HuskyLens with AI lies in their utilization of artificial intelligence technology to enhance functionality and expand capabilities. HuskyLens, in particular, employs AI visual recognition algorithms, enabling it to have the ability to recognize objects, colors, and more. When combined with the Maqueen Plus robot platform, they collectively provide students with an opportunity to practice AI technology, helping them better understand and apply AI in their learning journey.

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