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Date: 2/4 – 3/4 or4/4 – 4/5,total 4 lessons,total 360 mins/6 hours
Time: 9am-5:40pm
Location: 1/f,The Grand Oasis,2 Tsat Po Street, San Po Kong

Each course is carefully planned to ensure that children can learn in a fun and engaging atmosphere. Limited spots are available, so sign up now and give your child an unforgettable Easter gift! 🎁

easter stem bootcamp

In this course, children will embark on a journey exploring the fusion of artificial intelligence and art. Through AI tools, they will learn how to transform textual descriptions into captivating visual images, turning their imagination into reality. Additionally, they will be introduced to music composition tools, engaging in improvisation and understanding the basic structure of music. By combining creative thinking with technical skills, this course aims to stimulate children's creative potential and cultivate their appreciation and understanding of art.

In the Maqueen AI Robot Car programming course, students will learn how to program the small robot Maqueen to complete a series of tasks such as line tracking, obstacle avoidance, and simple interactions. Using the user-friendly MakeCode programming platform, children will gain basic knowledge of electronics and learn how to integrate sensors and other modules to enhance Maqueen's functionality. This course emphasizes hands-on practice and problem-solving skills, laying a solid foundation for children's future STEM learning journey.

The MakeCode Game Design course will lead children into the world of game development. From conceptualizing game ideas to actual development and testing, students will use the MakeCode platform to bring their game concepts to life through programming. This process not only hones their logical thinking and problem-solving skills but also enhances their creativity and knowledge of computer science.

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"Our class includes some students with special educational needs (SEN), but our instructor is very patient in teaching and manages the classroom well. In general, students who are taught STEAM subjects don't usually show much response, but after observing several sessions, I noticed that the students frequently ask questions during class. The primary focus of the class is teaching AI, which can be challenging for elementary school students to grasp. However, the instructor uses examples that are relatable to daily life, so most of the students understand the workshop content."

Kevin Chung
Hong Kong Youth Association - Hung Shui Kiu Youth Centre Secretary

Example Title

The Vinci AI Wisdom AI Painting Course provides primary 5-6 grade students with a learning experience that integrates creativity and technology. The course uses professional painting software and AI technology to creatively produce lively and interesting artworks, cultivating students' creativity and skills. At the same time, the course helps students understand basic AI concepts and experience the impact of technology on art. Through exploration, sharing works, students' level of art learning is improved.

Teacher You
Po Leung Kuk Luk Hing Too Primary School

The AI art creation workshop taught students to design English storybook covers through the OpenArt platform. This learning approach that combines creativity and technology can stimulate students' imagination and creativity. By using AI drawing tools to present "imagery" and even "ambience" through "metaphor", it is an inspirational and practical teaching activity.

Director Ma
Dabu District Primary School

The instructors wholeheartedly teach students about AI knowledge, making the content relatable to real-life scenarios. The instructors also establish a friendly and enjoyable rapport with the students. The majority of the students are able to grasp the workshop content and benefit greatly from it.

Teacher Yip
St. Peter's Secondary School

Example Title

This academic year, our school's Chinese teachers participated in a series of five workshops titled 'How AI Can Promote Interdisciplinary and Chinese Language Teaching in Primary Schools' organized by Vinci AI. The teachers' feedback was positive, with the course content focusing equally on theory and practice, being highly practical and applicable for immediate use in unit inquiry lessons and Chinese language teaching. By utilizing AI as a teaching tool, it can enhance the effectiveness of teaching and learning.

Dr. Tang Shufen
Vice Principal of Kingston International School

Example Title

The company provides excellent STEAM education. The mentors are professional and the AI curriculum is thorough. With a teaching approach that is meticulous, patient and fully meets the needs of secondary schools.

Teacher Yang
Head of PLK Ho Yin Tung Secondary School

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What basic requirements do students need to meet in order to participate?

No programming experience is required.

What does the fee include?

The fees for the Regular Class cover tuition and the cost of using instructional materials. If parents wish to purchase additional teaching materials, Vinci AI can assist with the procurement process.

How can I enroll and pay the tuition fee?

Please click on "Contact Us" to get in touch with us. We will have a dedicated representative reach out to you to assist with the subsequent payment process.

What are the qualifications of the course instructors?

The Vinci AI courses are designed by a curriculum team consisting of university lecturers and doctoral-level experts. The instructors delivering the courses have academic backgrounds in STEM or education-related fields.

Will students receive a certificate upon completion of the course?

Upon completion of the course, students will receive a certificate awarded by Vinci AI.

What items do students need to bring during the course?

Students need to bring their own IPad or laptop

How can I contact your organization for more information?

You're welcome to call or WhatsApp us at 97382471 to get in touch with us.

Is there a refund policy?
How many students are typically in each class?

between 2-6 people.

University lecturer teaching team

VInci AI's teaching team is rich in experience, including university teachers who teach master's AI courses in various colleges and universities.

Curriculum developed by PhD-level experts

Vinci AI's PhD-level AI expert team, providing the most professional artificial intelligence courses

Recognized by research institutions

The teaching platform developed by Vinci AI has received support from Cyberport. Vinci AI is also a STEM education partner of the Productivity Council.