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CoSpaces VR/AR demonstration video

CoSpaces is a digital learning platform that provides students and teachers  with a virtual collaborative space.Through CoSpaces, you can conduct real-time cross-school collaboration, distance learning, and team collaboration. This platform enables users to create and design three-dimensional virtual environmentsand conduct various activities in this virtual environment, such as game design, science experiments, programming, storytelling,and more.

Fun AI fact

What isVR/AR?What does it have to do with CoSpaces and AI?

VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) are two types of technologies related to visual experiences and have close relationships with AI (artificial intelligence).

VR is a technologythat fully immerses users in a virtual environment through special head-mounted devices.VR technology can create virtual environments that are completely different from the real world and allow users to experience visions and sounds as if they were present. The application of AI in VRcan improve the sense of reality and interactivity of virtual environments.AI techniques can be used for intelligent control of virtual characters to make their behaviors more realistic and natural. In addition, AI can also process and analyze users' actions and expressions in virtual environments to realize more realistic and interactive experiences.

AR, on the other hand, is a technology that adds virtual elements to the real world to create an enhanced visual experience. AR technology istypically implemented using smartphones, tablets, AR glasses and other devices.The application of AI in AR can improve the integration of virtual elements with the real world. AI techniques can be used for cognition and understanding of the real environment, enabling virtual elements to interact and adapt to the real world. In addition,AI can also identify and analyze objects and scenes in AR to provide richer information and interaction functions.

CoSpaces is a virtual reality and augmented reality creation platform that allows users to easily create their own VR and AR scenes.Users can add objects, environments and interactive elements, and program behaviors and actions in scenes through coding. CoSpaces provides an intuitive and easy-to-use interface for people to  explore the potential of virtual reality and augmented reality in a creative and interactive way.and the potential for augmented reality.

In summary, VR and AR are two types of technologies related to visual senses that provide ways to interact with the real world.CoSpaces is a virtual reality and augmented reality creation platform, while AI plays an important role in the fields of VR and AR for improving reality,intelligent control and interactive experiences.

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